Shiseikan Budo - Kenjutsu Kashima-no-Tachi

The Sword of Kashima

Traditional Japanese Swordsmanship

Shiseikan Budo (Kenjutsu / Kashima-no-Tachi) is a comprehensive Japanese martial art combining both traditional and modern methods of training and instruction. Students begin by learning the basics of Kenjutsu, the swordsmanship lying at the heart of the traditional Japanese martial arts. Training progresses from prearranged practice to free sparring using wooden swords, leather coated bamboo swords, swords with dulled and eventually sharpened blades. The practice of empty hand and other weapon methods incl. spears, halberds, staffs, knives, etc. are also integrated and further complements the training process.

In this way, the separation between the various methods gradually dissolves and leads to their free, natural, spontaneous adjustment and adaptation according to the needs of each situation, place, time or task at hand. And from there onward, the increasingly smooth transition and progressive merging of methods and principles further enable their equally natural adaptation and application to the tasks and challenges of our daily lives and our relationships with others, thus merging the often misunderstood, twofold purpose of the martial arts.

Calm and Storm Martial Arts is the only school in New Zealand offering regular training and instruction in Shiseikan Budo – Kenjutsu Kashima-no-Tachi as it is taught and practiced in the Shiseikan Budojo in Tokyo, Japan, and throughout the world within the International Shiseikan Budo Association. Located in Meiji Jingu, a temple in the heart of Tokyo dedicated to the Emperor Meiji and his wife, the Shiseikan Budojo has a special place in the world of Budo, having been entrusted the specific mission to represent and promote the spirit of Japanese culture and Budo throughout the world.

Former Shiseikan director, head-instructor and world renowned Aikido master Minoru Inaba (Meiyo Shihan) had the additional privilege of having been a student of Kunii Zen’ya, 18th generation headmaster of the traditional art of Kashima Shinryū passed down from generation to generation since the 16th century. Shiseikan Budo combines and encompasses Inaba Sensei’s teachings of Aikido and the techniques and principles of Kashima Shinryū passed down to him by Kunii Zen’ya before the latter’s death.

Training Times


5 – 6.15pm Kenjutsu