Aunkai & Aikido Seminar with Filip Maric

6 August 2016 / hosted by Aikido Dojo Giessen

Aikido Dojo Giessen presents:

An Aunkai & Aikido seminar, with Filip Maric

4 Dan Aikido, Aikikai // Aunkai Study Group Auckland

For the second time now, Filip Maric will be bringing his 20 years of experience and training in Aikido and other martial arts to Giessen, and sharing his most recent training research and explorations. The seminar will also cover an introduction into Aunkai Bujutsu and its fundamental elements.

The seminar is open to practitioners from all martial arts and skill levels.

Looking forward to seeing you there!!


Event Details:

Dates: 6 August 2016 (Saturday)

Time: 9am – 5pm

Location: Aikido Dojo Giessen, Credner Strasse 6, Giessen, Germany

Costs: tbc

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