Aunkai Bujutsu

Fundamental movement principles..

.. free adaptation and variation

‘For me, bujutsu is not a set of techniques, but a state of the body. Ince the principles are integrated, the techniques surge from the body spontaneously because it is able to adapt instantaneously.’ (Akuzawa Minoru, Founder of Aunkai)

Aunkai Bujutsu is a new training methodology focussing on the understanding, development and application of fundamental principles of posture and movement in the martial arts. In Aunkai, techniques and movements are understood to be results of the natural, free and spontaneous expression and adaptation of these principles according to each new situation.

Its lack of training in predesigned forms, techniques or fighting patterns, makes Aunkai training highly accessible and relevant for beginners and experienced martial artists of all styles alike. Its in-depth study and practice of fundamental principles of posture, movement, breath, relaxation, and contact can enhance the way we use our body and interact with others in all activities of our daily lives.

Aunkai Bujutsu was founded by Akuzawa Minoru Sensei in Tokyo, Japan in 2003, after over 30 years of extensive training and competition in various traditional and modern Chinese and Japanese martial arts, and has been gaining worldwide reputation rapidly ever since. Calm and Storm Martial Arts is the only school in New Zealand and Oceania to offer weekly Aunkai classes and regular seminars with Akuzawa Sensei and other Aunkai instructors in New Zealand and abroad. Personal training is also available on request.

Training Times


8 – 9.15pm Aunkai/Aikido